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Research shows that about 61% of customers go through consumer reports before making a decision. And with the fast advancing technology, it is easier to access the reviews as they have also been made essential for e-commerce sites. There are online stores that have set up reviews page for customers. When you click on the page, you will get a lot of positive recommendations enabling you to make for typer.
If you are looking for interesting reviews online, you need to click on typer.one. We have created a consumer reports magazine that reviews products and services according to the quality, warranty, company commitment, reliability and affordability. The main reason why consumer reports magazine was created is to educate buyers on the right products they should get and the key features to consider.

Students as Consumers

Perhaps you are wondering why we are focusing on students. Well, students encounter a number of challenges during their academic life. One of them has to do with essay papers. Writing assignments is a daunting task considering the endless activities they have to keep up with. For this reason, college students look for essay writing companies to save the day. However, we warn students not to make decisions in haste. It is important for them to go through consumer reports before placing an order.

Reviewing services for writing companies

universityandcolleges writing company for the first time can be tricky. You are not sure of the people you are dealing with. You do not know if they have a physical office or not. So, before you make a decision that will harshly affect your academics, it is important for you to review the essay writing company. Do not let the unscrupulous essay writing companies take advantage of you. Remember you are the one putting your money in line and if you want to get its value, click studyquiz.info.

How we work

Typer.one invites students who have worked with essay writing companies before to share their experiences and comments. They have dealt with essay writing companies before and they are in a better position to tell you which one is good or bad. We have also created a numerical ranking system according to the quality of the product delivered, reliability, affordability and customer care.
Reading our consumer reports will help you figure out companies that are legit and those that are uncertified.